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tarot reading

Get insight and guidance on life, love, career, family, future and more.

Starry Sky

dream intrepretation

Sigmund Freud had a theory that dreams are the subconscious mind attempting to fulfill wishes or solve issues we cannot resolve in our waking hours. Find out what your dreams mean and how to proceed accordingly.

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spiritual mentoring

Do you want to learn more about spiritual practices? Do you want to learn how to manifest, protect, ground or connect with your ancestors? We offer one on one courses and group classes.

hand presenting


This is a time to connect with a loved one who has passed away. Great for getting closure and settling any unanswered questions your love one may have left behind.

Image by Roman Kraft

past life reading

A past life reading is the type of psychic and spiritual reading that opens the door to our previous incarnations. It explores the reasons behind what we perceive as inexplicable or seemingly insurmountable karmas in our current life.

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tarot parties

Gather your friends for a night of mystery and intrigue! Jamie will come to your event location and do readings for you and your friends. Great for girls night, bachelorette parties, game nights and Halloween or other theme parties.



A pendulum is a divination tool that is driven by spirit and intuition. You may ask any question that is not open ended, and will generate a yes/no response.

Image by Jen Theodore

oracle reading

A lighter form of divination, similar to tarot but uses a different kind of cards. You can choose from one of 18 different oracle decks that you are most drawn to, to get guidance and answer questions.

Palm Reading

Spiritual services

Jamie performs a variety of spiritual services such as home blessings, love rituals, self-love rituals and more. Inquire about what services Jamie offers and let’s come up with a personalized plan to manifest your best life!


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